Selected project examples

Preparation of process-accompanying environmental reports for the planned merging of the streams Leimbach and Landgraben


In connection with the flood protection concept for the Leimbach and Hardtbach Rivers, the Karlsruhe Regional Council planned to merge Leimbach and Landgraben over a total distance of 4.7 km. The last of a total of seven measures intended to redesign the watercourse according to the guiding principles of aquatic ecology.

The main objective of implementing the requirements of the EC Water Framework Directive (WFD) was achieved through the following measures:


• Design of a near-natural watercourse

• Creation of a diverse ecological watercourse structure

• Ensuring longitudinal permeability

• Development of a near-natural aquatic vegetation (riparian forest, reeds, tall perennials)


In addition, the adjacent landscape under intensive agriculture was improved. This was done by creating a floodplain corridor with species-rich and variable wet vegetated buffer strips and by restructuring the infilled watercourse sections, including the creation of meadows, hedge structures and fruit tree plantations.

Services of GefaÖ

  • Mapping and recording of avifauna, reptiles, grasshoppers, dragonflies, saproxylic beetles and biotope types
  • Preparation of the accompanying landscape management plan
  • Preparation of a special species protection assessment
  • Preparation of the expert report on the EC Water Framework Directive
  • Derivation of the watercourse model with alignment, longitudinal and transverse profile, bed material and structural elements as well as riparian and floodplain vegetation.


Regional Council Karlsruhe (Regierungspräsidium Karlsruhe)