Compliance Management System

Mutual respect and fairness in our dealings with each other and with our business counterparts are the foundation of our company culture. Through our Compliance Management System (CMS), we enshrine within our company appropriate measures with the aim of adhering to German and international legislation, voluntary in-house commitments and our internal guidelines. The Board of Management takes the subject of compliance very seriously and expects to see it lived out and applied wholeheartedly by all our staff members and business partners. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any illegal activities or violations of our CMS. This particularly applies to any form of misconduct such as fraud, corruption, collusion, coercion or obstruction. In our opinion, conduct in conformity with the rules is a vital cornerstone for long-term safeguarding of our business model.

On an organizational level, the compliance process is incorporated into our Integrated Management System and into our company practices and procedures. These lay down the rulings and procedures for our internal practices and our executive organization. The highest-level panel of the executive organization of the Compliance Management System is the Compliance Board, on which are represented the senior management of the Home Office, the persons responsible for Fichtner Group compliance, the compliance officers and the Works Council.

Our System of Values

The aspiration of our corporate culture is documented in our Corporate Philosophy and the there-on-based Code of Conduct. We back this up with Compliance Instructions for our staff for orien-tation in acting lawfully and in conformity with ethical norms as well as in a manner that is upright and beyond reproach. This value system is binding on our staff members and it meets the high standards required in our international business dealings.

Reporting Compliance Violations

Reports of compliance violations can be made to the Board of Directors, the Chief Compliance Officer for the Fichtner Group (CCO) or anonymously at Reporting Platform - Fichtner GmbH & Co. KG ( The internal reporting office pursuant to Section 3 of the German Whistleblower Protection Act is the CCO.