Aquatic Ecology

We have been active in the field of ecological water management for more than 35 years and cover a wide range of questions in aquatic ecology with our specialised team of biologists, ecologists and geographers.

As experts for water management with focus on surface waters we prepare private and court expert reports, e.g. in the fields of aquatic ecology, water pollution and fish mortality.

Furthermore, we deliver numerous services related to strengthening of water protection, thus supporting the objective of the European Water Framework Directive (WFD) 2000/60/EC, which aims to achieve a "good ecological status" of water bodies. In order to achieve this condition, numerous improvements are necessary, such as structural improvements, the construction of fish passes, the dismantling of transverse structures or the redesign and creation of new retention areas as part of flood protection.

These and other measures are planned, implemented and ecologically monitored by GefaÖ together with Fichtner Water & Transportation (FWT).

Our range of services in this area includes:

  • Water maintenance and development planning
  • Ecological reports on water bodies within the framework of water-law approvals and permits
  • Expert reports considering water law in accordance with the Water Framework Directive
  • Fish rescue and inventory of large mussels and crayfish as part of ecological construction monitoring for hydraulic engineering projects
  • Mapping of water structures (certified according to LAWA)
  • Chemical and biological water quality studies according to DIN
  • Biological monitoring (macro-zoobenthos, fish, diatoms) according to the Water Framework Directive
  • Fishery biological studies
  • Certified expert activities in the field of water management especially investigation, monitoring, assessment, fish mortality of surface waters

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